Ceremony, meditation and Amanita Muscaria


Amrita is a Sanskrit term with two translations. One of them is immortality and the other is nectar. Amrita is said to be related to the Greek word ambrosia which also translates to nectar. Both refer to a heightened state of self-awareness. A self-awareness to strive for, that connects you to the universe. We believe that Amanita Muscaria, the red fly agaric, is the nectar of life and work to share its healing power with us.

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We invite you to Amanita~Ceremonies and sound-healing.

Amanita ~ Livets Nektar

The fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria) has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies for healing and guidance. Shamans in the Nordics, Siberia, Tibet and many other parts of the world have worked mainly with Amanitan as natural medicine. When dried and prepared, it is completely harmless and is said to have supernatural healing properties. It is a very unique natural~medicine that gives clear visions and shows us what it is like to be in complete inner peace. The effects of ingesting Amanita are increased concentration, focus and presence. Unlike other Shamanic medicines such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro, the experience of Amanita is mostly much clearer and without nausea and heavy purging.

The ceremony is designed to raise our energies, give us extra power and healing, drive Earth’s transformation, and open up participants to receive more intuitive guidance.

We begin the ceremony with song and eat the medicine. Then we do different energy, breathing and singing exercises to prepare ourselves. We then alternate with sound-healing and meditations during the rest of the ceremony. During the evening, Rapé is also offered to deepen the experience.


Mikael Ananda is the main~facilitator and has worked for several years leading ceremonies in Portugal. Mikael started with intuitive meditation as a child and has since worked intensively with Buddhist meditation, shamanistic singing, healing and energy work. Mikael also offers various courses and treatments in ceremonial work, tantra, empathic communication and coaching. If you have questions, you can write to Mikael at Ananda@Amrita.se. In addition to Mikael, two more facilitators with experience in ceremonies and healing participate to create a safe environment where we can go deeper into ourselves.

Coaching and Courses

Mikael Ananda offers coaching~conversations around spiritual development and tantric intuitive healing. During a session we explore resistances and potentials. We work with various intuitive exercises and energy work depending on what is needed in the moment. Coaching is possible online.